Who is the Door to Your New Year?

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I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.” – John 10:9, ESV

From the Publisher, Don Pape –Don Pape, Publisher

The month of January is one of fresh starts—fresh diaries, new wall calendars, a new diet. The word January comes from the Latin word ianua, which means “door.” People would perceive this month as a door to a brand new year.

Recently we had very cold, windy days in Colorado. It most certainly felt like we were in the below-zero range. In our entryway at home, the cold wind blowing was palpable: The seal around our front door had been broken and needed replacing. It made me think, What if we didn’t have a door? How much colder it would be. Snow drifts could invade our living room. Unknown people could come and go. Newspapers and garbage could blow into my home. A door is an entry point, to be sure, but it also protects. It keeps out the wind. It keeps us safe and warm.

So then it was fun to be camping out on this verse from John, one of Jesus’ “I am” statements. I love that Jesus says He is the door. I am grateful He is my Door—our Door. My Door is my safeguard—shielding my life from the garbage that I come into contact with each day. My Door gives me a point of reference—He points the way home and is in fact the Way. I’m glad I know and have my Door.

I pray that as you enter 2016 you enter through the Door that is truly the Way and the Life—a very good way to begin a new year.

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