How Lament is Different than Cursing God

[maxbutton id=”28″] Blessing and cursing are polar opposites. Blessing flows out of generosity of spirit that desires good for another, while cursing is inspired by evil intent. Blessing builds up; cursing tears down. Blessing invites others to draw near; cursing pushes them away. Blessing invokes peace; cursing inflicts division. Blessing frees another to new possibilities; … Read moreHow Lament is Different than Cursing God

God’s Return Policy

When God blesses us to overflowing, we need to pick up our blessing and do something with it—hand it out, spread it around, give it to others—because when it comes to leftovers, God has a clear and definite return policy. Jesus told all sorts of parables about workers who were given something and then squandered … Read moreGod’s Return Policy