Watch how the Nav 2:7 Series has Impacted these Lives and Provided Tools for Discipleship

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How has the 2:7 Series changed your life and helped you grow and disciple others?

In order to grow strong, a tree needs to burrow deep into the life-giving earth.

“I would’ve told you I was a Christian my whole life, but I didn’t know you could have a relationship with God. I really didn’t know that.”

“I had never really been told how to really read my Bible.   I didn’t know, so I would just kind-of wing it.”Growing Strong

“I went to church regularly growing up, but I didn’t understand what it looked like to have a relationship with Jesus Christ because nobody sat down to take the time to share with me the principles of what it looks like to have that relationship.”

“For me to get into the Word everyday and to Journal and learn how to pray in a way that was not a recitation of something I had memorized, it was life changing.”

“The 2:7 series helped me to know who the Lord is more by giving me the desire to get into His word.”

“The 2:7 series gave me confidence that I could actually hear God speak to me and that I could actually have this conversation with God and that it was a two-way interaction.”

“Rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”–Colossians 2:7

“The 2:7 series has allows me to be equipped with the ability to make up my own lessons and to draw directly from the Word about what the Lord was teaching me through his Word…I still do that every day.”

Deepening Your Roots“It’s really helped me journal in a way that I can walk away actually remembering what it is that I journaled about and able to share it in a way that is concise.”

“One of the greatest things about the 2:7 series are the tools that it not only help us personally, but that we can transfer on to other people.”

“The times that we are personally doing our very best is when we are helping others and the 2:7 material is such a great tool for that.”

In order to bear fruit, a tree needs solid roots.

“It totally changed the way I interact with people that I don’t know and people that I do know, and just ways that I get to encourage and spur other people on.”

“You never graduate from the call to continually share Christ in evangelism and then help another Christian with a deeper walk in the Lord.  The Nav 2:7 series is precisely the designed for that.”

“When you start to try to figure out how to get somebody rooted in basically theology, basic Bible study, basic evangelism, and then provide transferable discipleship tools for others, I don’t know of a product that’s more useful or a system that covers all that information with such simplicity and excellence as the Nav 2:7 series.”Bearing Fruit

“The 2:7 series material will keep you on track. If you stay with it you’re going to finish and have a basic understanding of the most vital issues in the Christian life.”

The 2:7 Series offers approaches for strengthening your own life in Christ and for helping others move closer to God.

Book 1: Growing Strong in God’s Family
Book 2: Deepening Your Roots in God’s Family
Book 3: Bearing Fruit in God’s Family

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