Let’s Party!

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We have just come off what seemed like a month of parties: thirty-one days in which it would appear all of society tried to cram a party into each 24-hour period.

Why not, may I suggest, party twelve months of the year?

But you’ll welcome us with open arms when we run for cover to you. Let the party last all night!

—Psalm 5:11, MSG


Imagine. Disciples are partygoers. We should host parties. Why? Because the One in whom we trust gives us reason to be joyous. We should welcome an excuse to celebrate and delight.

Ah, but sadly, we are a somber bunch.

It’s a rare occasion when one sees a Christian shouting for joy. And yet it is clear reading Scripture that we should be a rare breed of joy-infused people.

I’m writing this on the eve of a long weekend. And my family is going to party. We are going to celebrate my youngest son’s birthday. We are going to enjoy an amazing night of worship. We are going to celebrate the life and impact of Martin Luther King Jr. We are going to have dinner with dear friends. Yes, it is one packed weekend, but it is celebratory because we find our refuge in Jesus and He’s worthy of praise.

Come on Christ-followers, isn’t it time we showed the world how to party? How to really party? I think we may attract a few more curious onlookers into the kingdom if we knew how to party well.

By Don Pape, NavPress publisher.

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