Jewish/Christian Side-by-Side 2017 Calendar

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We rush through life, barely slowing down to experience our days. But time is a gift that we sometimes forget we’ve been given. Rediscover the gift of time in 2017 through the Jewish and Christian holidays. From the weekly Sabbath to the annual Passover, from Advent to Easter to ordinary days, time is an opportunity to experience eternity in the everyday. Through the knowledge of Jewish and Christian feasts, holidays, and calendars we are pointed in fresh ways to God’s faithful presence. Enjoy the calendar to easily visualize the holidays and remember their significance.

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This calendar is from Moments & Days: How our Holy Celebrations Shape Our Faith. Full of Scripture and recipes, the book leads you to experiencing the gift of time in your everyday. Michelle is our expert and guide through the major events of the Jewish and Christian calendars. You will see God’s faithful presence in real time, both in the Scriptures and in your daily life.

“Herein lies a vast storehouse of riches that Michelle Van Loon unlocks for us. In Moments & Days, we discover our spiritual roots and the rhythms of our days. Van Loon, a Jewish follower of Jesus, wisely and deftly explores the formative implications of living by the Jewish and Christian festal calendars throughout the year. Jesus himself was spiritually formed by living according to the festal rhythms. If you long to become more like Jesus, then read this book. It is a unique and important work—a gift. Don’t miss out.” – Marlena Graves, Author of A Beautiful Disaster.

In case you missed it, check out this infographic that beautifully and simply illustrates the significance of the most important Jewish holidays of the fall.

October Holidays Infographic

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