Focus on the Family Interview with Jessie Minassian

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Helping Your Daughter Understand Romantic Relationships

Jessie, a spiritual “big sis” for girls everywhere, helps young girls navigate and thrive in their teen years. She spoke with John Fuller and Jim Daly at Focus on the Family about the best ways parents and mentors can help young women on subjects like romance and self-worth. Her books are ideal for helping young women understand their value in God’s eyes.

Focus on the Family Radio Interview with Jessie Minassian. (Part 1 & Part 2 are located midway down the page).

Watch Jessie during one of her speaking tours:

Check out Jessie’s website for a full list of her books and resources- Life, Love, and God. Her latest book Backwards Beauty examines ten cultural lies young women listen to regarding beauty to help them unpack how they’re looking at themselves through the wrong lens. Reading a book by Jessie Minassian is like sitting down with a friend and talking about the hard things in life. Girls will be able to find freedom and hope in the midst of a culture that idolizes beauty.

Backwards Beauty


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