Disciple Memory Loss

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Have you ever found yourself in conversation with one of your children, or someone you have known for years, and you suddenly forget their name? It’s so embarrassing to be Dad to three adult males and on occasion call them “Son” because of a brief lapse. Worse is calling Tim by his brother’s name, Matt. Oh dear. But that is all part of our humanity, right?

Then they remembered that he had said this.

—Luke 24:8, NLT

Memory loss isn’t simply the domain of the incapacitated and the elderly. No, it is a reality for so many of us in the twenty-first century. We are consumed with all that is around us: our iPhones, our tablets, our plasma screens. The cacophony of life is in surround sound, and we inevitably forget a conversation of a mere hour ago.

The disciples of the first century were no different. Here are these women, coming in mourning to pay their respect. Confused, they find the tomb empty and these angels saying that Jesus is risen from the dead. This should not be news to them. Had they not been listening to Jesus all of this time?

Sadly, a disciple in America forgets too. Me. I walk in and out of the stations of the cross. I live through another Good Friday. How timely it is to celebrate Easter on an annual basis. How quickly I can disengage with Christ’ sacrifice and forget all that He has done for me. The incredible gift of his life. The saving grace. All that I agree to in accepting to be His follower. And yet how quickly I forget.

Praying you would be a disciple who remembers. What Christ did—and does!—is truly memorable.

By Don Pape, NavPress publisher.

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