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As a mother with three young children, I heard the message over and over again—if you’re serious about your spiritual life, you’ll find some silent alone time each day for a “quiet time.” But I couldn’t even escape to the bathroom alone, much less anything else. One after another, my fellow moms sounded the cry of defeat: we just can’t right now.

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But there was another cry growing in my exhausted spirit: there must be another way. After all, God created birth, babies, and families. He knows exactly what they demand from us. And more than that, he entered this world as a baby himself! He entered a woman’s womb and was born. Isn’t it entirely possible that in these days of creation, nurture, service, sacrifice, and perseverance we are acting out powerful spiritual practices in our daily lives?

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It was in seeking out the answer to this question that Long Days of Small Things: Motherhood as a Spiritual Discipline was born. I am a seeker who writes to open eyes to the creative and redemptive work of God in each moment. Come find Him with me.

As with so many things, Long Days of Small Things was conceived as a spark, an idea, without me realizing that something new and real had begun. Then came a long but joyful gestation period of writing, rewriting, and editing. And then the labor of launching and delivering this book into your hands.

In honor of the book release we’ve put together a lovely collection of gifts. I’m so incredibly excited about it — I only wish I could win it myself!

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So here we go — away from the quiet hours of choosing words and crafting sentences, and into this new (and much louder) season of sharing it with you all. Launching a book has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m grateful and nervous. I’m excited and exhausted. It feels unbelievable and long overdue.

I would be honored if you would check out Long Days of Small Things, and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY. Enter to win early and often — and help me celebrate by spreading the word. Don’t wait, the giveaway ends on April 2nd.

And of course, happy reading!


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