A Warm Welcome from Publisher Don Pape

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Don Pape, Publisher
Don Pape, Publisher

Welcome to the new NavPress blog and e-newsletter! It’s been a little over two years since NavPress first joined forces with Tyndale House Publishers in a vibrant partnership that allows both NavPress and Tyndale to play to their strengths. Tyndale’s 53 years of publishing expertise and vast resources within the book industry empowers NavPress to spend itself more fully on what we have done so well for over 40 years: help disciples make disciples. This is our mission: We are disciples. We are disciple-makers. We are NavPress.

As I have embraced the role of NavPress Publisher, I have been most impressed with the stellar reputation that NavPress holds in the Christian market for quality discipleship materials. Whether people are referring to our strong list of classic books, our outstanding Bible studies, The Message translation of the Bible, or our variety of ministry resources, NavPress is known as a significant contributor to the disciplemaking ministry of the church.

In fact, as we enter this next year, NavPress titles are reaching more people with greater impact than ever before. One of the ways we are doing that is by reestablishing an ongoing email and blog to friends of NavPress. We hope you will add us to your email preferences and send this to 10 of your friends who you know love NavPress. Discipleship is the calling of every Christian, and NavPress is here with resources to equip that calling.

We are so honored to partner with you and your work for the Gospel.


Don Pape
Publisher, NavPress

11 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome from Publisher Don Pape”

  1. I am very thankful to the LORD that I was able to link back with NavPress. The Discipleship journal was one of the resource materials that I used read before it disappeared. I want to thank you taking the time to welcome me. I belong to discipleship unit of my local church, and also as the LORD opens the door, I work with others in other places. Presently my desire is to make reading materials available among literates and non-literates. Thank you.
    Olusegun Owopetu

  2. Hello Don recently I listened to your interview on Ann Kroeber Podcast. I was deeply impressed with every word you expounded. What a joy to hear your heart, especially for new writers and Authors. I am currently writing OP-EDS in The Tacoma News Tribune, our local newspaper. I am yet to writer books about what God has placed in my heart. Hopefully soon you will hear from me.


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